Privacy Policy

Our full end-user privacy agreement is found at .

The details below will help you find the most frequently asked about information with respect to how we handle the data we collect and the rights that our customers have.

Data Archive And Deletion Requests

You can access or update your personal information in your PluginsBay account profile here.

To request an archive of the data we hold or to request that we fully delete your data, please use this page.

Privacy Breaches Notification

Should any event occur where customer data has been lost, stolen, or potentially compromised, our policy is to alert our customers via email no later than 48 hours of our team becoming aware of the event. We will also report such incident to any required data protection authority. We will work closely with any customers affected to determine next steps such as any end-user notifications, needed patches, and how to avoid any similar event in the future.

Data Protection Addendum/Agreement

For those wanting something more formal in place (and enhanced GDPR compliance), please contact us to request a signed copy of a Data Protection Agreement.

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