Free WordPress Plugins

Free WordPress Plugins

Building a successful online presence requires extensive site functionality. Whether you run a personal blog or an online store, we have some free WordPress plugins to provide the functionality to match your needs.

WordPress maintenance $29

Backing up a site with your database will ensure that whatever happens, you never lose your data. This virtually means that in the event of any critical event, you can have the site online quickly and without any unpleasant data loss.

Only an accessible site will gain the trust of its visitors and provide a solid place to search. Therefore, We check the page response at regular intervals, followed by immediate problem analysis and corrective action in case of failure.

Everyday security scan can detect potential threats on time. The check is based on the latest WordPress vulnerability database and consists of WPScan and Wordfence tools.

With Wordfence PRO, your site doesn’t really have to worry about anything. What’s more, security is also supported by additional scripts that constantly check file integrity.

Older versions of WordPress and its individual plugins are a frequent cause of hacking attacks. On the other hand, an inadequate update of the plugin may cause it to be incompatible with the rest of the page.

We take this responsibility and make sure your site is always up to date and in shape.

The speed at which your site loads is important to the customer, as well as to the search engines. With speed control, We can quickly alert you to any hosting problems or site optimization needs.

Want to advise or know the answer to various technical / WordPress questions? Write us and we will be happy to advise and recommend a solution.

Unexpected problems and events occur just when you least expect them. Happiness wishes you ready and with my support you no longer worry about the consequences of any downtime.

When ordering any package, We will prepare a site audit to evaluate its usability, security, SEO and load time. The audit also includes recommendations on how to deal with these issues, or how to improve your site.

Monthly report evaluating your site’s status over the past 30 days. It contains statistics on safety, speed, site availability and documents my work and its benefits to you.

Customer care means we’re here for you.

Using our products or just browsing , you’ll keep encountering the circle-shaped logo of our parent company WPorb.
It has come to symbolize the standard of expertise, patience, and efficiency our technical support upholds. Whenever you see this logo, you can rest assured you are under WPorb support’s wing and all requests will promptly find their resolutions. Our focus on constant betterment results in:

  • Low response time

    You’ll never have to wait more than 
    5 minutes or so for a response.

  • Quick issue resolution

    Resolving an issue takes 24 hours max, no matter the time zone or day of the week.

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