Usage & Admin Settings

Uppon plugin activation you will notice a “Quotes” menu under your wp-admin. From here you can set the options for the plugin and create new or manage existing quotes.

All Quotes
All Quotes

All Quotes – Here you will find all the quotes that you have already created, sort them by ID, from A-Z, by Authors First or Last name, Source and image. Also while hovering on each individual quote you’ll notice two links: delete and edit. By pressing the edit link you’ll be taken to the Quote Edit screen so that you can modify the quote. And by following the delete link you’ll be able to delete old quotes.

New Quote
New Quote

New Quote – Create a new quote with the following attributes: Author, Source and Image. All fields are optional.

Plugin Settings

Settings – All the settings related to this plugin are accessible from here.

5 Shortcodes

Shortcodes – List of all shortcodes that come along with the plugin. Just copy the shortcode and paste it where you want it to be shown on your website, e.g. inside a post, title, footer, etc.

Widget Settings

Widget – This tab will redirect you to the Widgets screen from where you can add the QuoteLib widget to your sidebars and manage the settings.


Import / Export – Here you can easily export or import posts. Useful if you are moving your website to another domain or quotes from one site to another.


Support – Here you can get all the information needed prior to asking for support, our response time, support policy, etc.

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