Brisk – WordPress Speed Optimization plugin


We’re happy to announce the lunch of our first premium plugin!

After months of research and careful planning, we decided to fill in the need for a solid plugin that will allow you to speed up your WordPress site by removing everything that you are not using. That’s why we created the Brisk.

The plugin has 3 different sections:

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Script Manager – Front-end screen that allows you to disable CSS & JS files from your Theme, Plugins or the WordPress Core on a per-page basis or across all the pages.

Dashboard Widget – Powered by the Google PageSpeed Insights API and fetches your website information daily, allowing you to monitor your website’s page load speed.

Settings Page – Located under Settings menu has 50+ options that allow you to disable WordPress functionality, control CDN, Google Analytics, WooCommerce and more.

The Brisk plugin will be launched on Monday 16th September.

Apart from disabling the CSS & JS files loaded from your WordPress Theme, Plugins or the WordPress Core itself, here is a complete list of what you can also control from the Brisk plugin’s settings:


As always, there is extensive documentation about this plugin and you can get free support here.

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